Course: Canine Shiatsu for happy dogs

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Self-paced online course - CANINE SHIATSU FOR HAPPY DOGS ​

This 100% online course offers a solid, didactic and simple vision about the SHIATSU CANINO as a pillar of support and internal transformation, enhancing physical and emotional well-being and quality of life of your dog (and yours) in the day to day.

This introductory course to Animal Shiatsu is for those who wish to have simple tools to support their dogs in resolving  behavior and emotional imbalances and to offer the dog a better life quality. The health prevention and well-being of your dog is in your hands, which also means well-being and tranquility for you.

The course is structured in eleven chapter including lectures through videos, audio, downloadable in pdfs.



In more than 90 videos you will find illustrations and visual material as well as simple and effective Shiatsu applications for the day to day of your dog.

Lifetime access. The content is available for you, forever.  No matter if today or next year, you can also see it over and over again whenever you need it (value  cannot be calculated).

Continuous evaluation after each chapter (practical exercises, test your knowledge quizzes, etc.)

And in case you feel that this is not enough, this course include 3 live online sessions on demand with Maike Bosselmann via Zoom to solve all your doubts. 

I really want this for you and your dog to be unforgettable and useful experience.

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Chapter 1: What does dog need to be happy?
Chapter 2: About Canine Shiatsu
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Chapter 3: Shiatsu at different life stages
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Chapter 4: Shiatsu and emotions
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